9 Incense That Attract Money

9 Incense That Attract Money

Incense is quickly gaining popularity as more people come to understand how to utilize the properties of incense to gain abundance.  Although incense has long been used for spiritual and religious practices, it’s not longer used just for its aroma.  Incense is multifunctional.  It cleanses the home and is a widely used component in spell work and manifestation.  


Herbs, spices and oils have long been known to have vibrational properties that correspond with desired outcomes.  After all, there is magic all around us that has been provided by mother earth.  Use these scents to attract money and abundance.


In the quest for abundance, prosperity and money, here are 9 incenses that have been known to draw in these energies and bring them to manifestation. 


Allspice - Wealth

Originating in Central and South America, this peppercorn-like berry combines the flavours of nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and cloves all rolled into one.  Allspice is a great oil to have on hand for oral care.  Its vibrational properties are associated with wealth as it attracts money and luck. 


Basil - Prosperity


Basil, often referred to as the Witch’s herb, is a great plant to have in the home to attract wealth and prosperity.  Businesses can place a basil plant by the front door to attract customers.  It is said to have originated in India, specially the Tulsi holy basil which is associated with love, purification and eternal life. 


Bayberry - Abundance & Money


Bayberry is associated with good fortune and abundance.  It is known to witches as the “money plant” for its money attracting vibration.  The wait produces is used as a vegan substitute for beeswax and the oil extracted from it is a popular holiday scent used in candle making and soaps.  


Bergamot - Prosperity & Happiness


This uplifting botanical and citrus scent is associated with the Heart Chakra and brings a sense of happiness.  When we are in a state of joy we are raising our vibration which in turn, attracts positive energy such as that of prosperity and success.  Bergamot also instills courage and confidence to tackle life’s difficulties with ease and grace.


Cinnamon - Attract success 


Although its origins are somewhat of a mystery, it is speculated that it came from Ceylon, Sri Lanka as we know it to be now.  It’s a very common household spice used in both sweet and savoury dishes and it’s medicinal properties can be used to lower blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance.  When used in money spells, its powerful vibration is known to attract money and success. 


Clove - New Beginnings & Abundance


Clove is a native plant to Indonesia where the flower buds are harvested.  Although historically linked to protection, clove can also be used in money spells to attract prosperity.  Clove oil is great to have on hand as a natural remedy for treating gum or tooth issues.  


Jasmin - Wealth


In India Jasmin is known as the Queen of the Night for her aphrodisiac energy.  It is associated with love and feminine energy that births new ideas, projects, wealth and fertility.  Her feminine aphrodisiac power makes her a natural force of attraction, including attracting money and love.  


Patchouli - Wealth & Prosperity


Patchouli is renowned for it’s scent seduction.  As a strong aphrodisiac, it is said to promote love and is a favourite among the free spirit hippies of the 60’s.  However it is also powerful when used to wealth spells to attract wealth and prosperity.   


Vanilla - Good Fortune 


The familiar sweet, sweet smell of vanilla invokes sensuality, sexuality and romance.  It is also know for enhancing emotional growth and attracting good fortune. 


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