9 Incense for Attracting Love

9 Incense for Attracting Love

If you’re looking for a way to set the mood, create a romantic atmosphere and even increase your sex drive, then give these 9 incense a try. 

Certain scents are used as an aphrodisiac to attract a lover or soul mate, while others evoke a sense of euphoric elation.  Free your inhibitions with the following incense scents. 


Amber is a warm, sweet and spicy scent that is known to enhance romantic love.  It is associated with the element of fire and passion and the sacral chakra.  Ambers brings patients and balance to relationships.


Rose has long been a powerful symbol of love.  It embodies passion, romance, sex and sensuality.  It is associated with Venus, the divine feminine energy, bestowing knowledge and insight on how to love.  The thorns on the rose's stem also represent the trials we face on the physical level, which help our souls grow and learn.  Burning rose incense calms strife and brings compassion.


The fragrant Jasmine flower has long been associated with motherhood and femininity.  Because of its feminine powers, it is often used as a gift to goddesses.  Jasmin is also a symbol of love and sensuality for its intoxicating scent that embodies the goddess Aphrodite. 


This sweet, orange scented blossom is connected to the sun and traditionally used as an aphrodisiac.  As an excellent stress reliever, Neroli brings calmness and a sense of self worth while embodying the sensation of being in love.  


Throughout the ages lavender has been used to entice romance and was a symbol of luxury.   Even until this day, lavender is associated with pampering as it is widely used in many products. Its scent was used to attract a lover, or placed in wedding bouquets to bring happiness to a marriage.  


Patchouli, the choice of fragrance among the free-spirited people of the 60’s, and rightly so.  The earthy and musky scent of seduction has been known to represent liberation, love, lust and fertility for its ability to enhance libido and sexual response. 

Ylang - Ylang

This floral yet peppery scented flower is often referred to as the “flower of love” for its ability to promote sexual desires.   This seductive scent can be used to spice up your sex life, so-to-say.    Release your inhibitions with Ylang - Ylang.


One of the more well known scents is Sandalwood, although not usually as popular for love despite it’s warm, woody aroma.  This aphrodisiac creates a romantic atmosphere when burned and sends out subtle erotic signals as well as promote sexual feelings.

Clary Sage 

Clary sage is most known for it’s calming influence on the mind and deep relaxation.  However it also imbues sensuality and boosts libido, setting the mood for intimacy.  It’s scent evokes a feeling of elation and stimulating a sexual desire. 


For a potent …. Try Love Spell Loose Incense blend by Spell House.  Crafted with rose, calendula, ylang - ylang, patchouli and golden copal resin to evoke sensuality, love and lust.  Use to liberate yourself from negative feelings and boost self worth, or to bring more passion to a relationship.